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Cookie Pricing

Girl Baby Shower Cookies Popular
Custom Cookies Pricing
Girl Baby Shower Cookies Basic

Basic Package - $62

2 Colors + White

3-4 Shapes/Designs

No writing, personalization or details such as airbrushing, stenciling or gold.  Includes edible printed cookies.

Birthday Cookies VIP Package

Popular Package - $75

4 Colors + White

4-6 Shapes/Designs

Personalization, details such as florals, airbrushing, stenciling and gold are included

Girl Baby Shower Cookies Popular

VIP - Elaborate Package - $95

6+ Colors + White

4-6 Shapes/Designs

Character & piped Logos

We love to create unique, one-of-a-kind sets. 
These sets are designed at the time we start baking and decorating your set and we let our
creativity take control.  If you prefer to know in advance exactly how your set will look like (minus colors, personalization etc), we encourage you to order from one of our sets in the ALL COOKIES section
Note: No two sets are identical. 
We'll try our best to match it as closely as possible.
Some of the designs might change as our skill level changes.

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